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Estate & Trust Tax Services

Estate and Trust Tax Preparation Requires Specialized Training and Experience.

Our tax and accounting professionals have many years of experience helping clients just like you. We work closely with investment advisors, attorneys, and other financial professionals in compiling the information required for a complete and accurate return. At Piedmont CPA Group, our professionals received specialized training on tax law changes that affect estate and tax trust preparation.

If You Need Assistance With Estate and Trust Tax Preparation We Are Here to Help.

Preparing income tax returns for trusts and estates can be complicated. Income retained in the trust or estate is subject to the highest level and taxes, so proper planning and preparation is imperative. And, there may be special formulas embedded in trust documents to allocate assets or income to spouses, children, or remainder beneficiaries.

Larger estates may require additional filings, including estate (death tax) returns. Our professionals have experience in filing these special forms for complex estate situations.

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